Friday, March 20, 2009

Dugon Holding Toy

This elongated figure, Dugon, has the features of an Eland or an African grazing animal. Most of the other features seem human, including the body, hands and feet. Hanging off of its belt there is a piece of weathered glass (usage unknown), a paddle or tool, and assorted other artifacts.

In its outstretched hands, the figure is holding what on first glance appears to be a toy. Upon further study, the miniature animal contains details suggesting an effigy or fetish of some kind. Could this 'toy' be some sort of fertility symbol?

Dugon Holding Toy
wood/cloth/metal/found objects
28" x 7" 6"

1 comment:

  1. I am fully satisfyed of your works!
    I am also got some appriciation to work like that. It is so perfect direction of the follow if some one enjoyed 3D or figures & also some old metall & different stuff together! When i saw your works ,i felt something hung inside of me.
    Well, i am also saw your metaphores & symbolism as well!!!
    I love your works!
    Art for Art!!!