Friday, March 27, 2009

Building Crista-Gallis' Nest

Outside my studio, the world of small birds continues to fascinate me. The house finches, tiny and delicate, dominate the trees and bird feeder. They look at my window, their heads cocked. Building nests is now the main activity (besides a quick glimpse of two mating finches). They use just about any contained space to assemble found material to make their nests.

This piece that I just completed shows a house finch bringing nesting material to its nest. The nest is a bit more fanciful. I am hoping that it looks like something that Andy Goldsworthy might have put together if he were ever asked to make a bird's nest.

Building Crista-Gallis' Nest
wood/wire/metal/found objects
24" x 16" x 16"

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