Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alleni Taking Aim

Alleni Taking Aim
M/m/croquet ball
25" x 18" x 9"

Historically, it seems like rabbits have been portraid as meek, passive creatures, something afraid of human contact...but not in New Mexico. The large jack rabbits that I see around Santa Fe are nothing but fast, sleek, intelligent and sometimes scary. I often stumble on them while hiking, some are brown and white, some black and white.

I have started thinking of them as tricksters, especially when it comes to interacting with humans. Once my back is turned, I figure they can do just about anything to us!

Alleni, the about rabbit, has a large, heavy wooden croquet ball. He does not seem timid as he looks around for a target.

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  1. Many times I've had to duck to avoid well-thrown croquet balls from elusive and dangerous rabbits. Mostly the media covers it all up, so it's up to courageous artists to tell us the truth. You're writing a new chapter in wildlife art.