Wednesday, June 9, 2010

China Painting

A Portrait of The Artist As A Rabbit
18" x 15" x 3"
Painting/wood/lead/tire/found objects

After reading an article in The New Yorker about fine art painting factories in China, I got this idea that I wanted my own painting created.

First off, I had an image of one of my rabbits set into a surrealistic background created digitally. Then I sent the digital file to a painting company in China. One month later the painting arrived on my door step. It looked almost exactly like the file that I had sent to them.

In framing the piece I had an idea of something more medieval or ornate. I gave a rough idea of the frame to a framer and he built the form, then I added onto it and covered the wood with a variety of materials that I am currently using such as lead, mountain bike tires and found objects.

This photograph is the result of my efforts to create a portrait of one of my animals in another media.

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  1. Hi G...About this pix: Do you consider it your artwork or more "conceptual" when Jeff Koons has his work replicated...this opens up a hornets nest.
    Am living in No. CA with ex-husband since last OCT...surrendered to the situation + have been more relaxed + creating more work than ever. Miss my Santa Fe friends ALOT...miss the landscape + green chiles; not the anxiety.
    I follow your success with great pleasure.
    Warm Regards, Suzanne Silk
    ps. visit my NEW website.
    Feedback is this is always a work in progress.