Friday, December 18, 2009

Xix (or the struggle)

Cloth/metal/wood/foam/found objects
33" x 25" x 8"

This small antelope, Xix, was just finished in preparation for my show in February at the Jane Sauer Gallery, in Santa Fe. This is the third solo show that I will be having with Jane. Earlier shows have been great successes, which puts pressure on me to make even better work for this upcoming show,

Right now I'm in my studio, looking out my window at a just completed running canine. It started off (like every other piece) with high expectations and happy memories of easily building another piece. The reality turned out to be quite different. Right from the beginning its been a difficult process. I've had to redo, re-carve, redesign and remake every part of it, from the head to the feet, and lastly, when I thought I was done, I had to totally remake the base! Its like I've made the piece over and over again.

This is a first...I've never had such trouble completing a piece. But its done and sitting in my back yard waiting for the final process, the applying of the patina. At this moment,with everything that's happened, I think best thing for both of us to spend a little time apart.


  1. Geoffrey, sounds like the Muse decided to mess with you awhile on this piece. But you obviously persevered and succeeded in the end. The creative process does seem to kick the tar out of one sometimes doesn't it.

  2. Meant to add you have a great color sense in your pieces. The textures are all over the top but then you rein it all back in with wonderful restraint with the subtle colors. Very nice indeed!