Friday, August 14, 2009

Cabinet of Curiosity

Wood/cloth/metal/found objects
20" x 21" x 6"

Afer is a cross between an anteater and an aardvark (did you know there is an aardwolf?) From the series, Cabinet of Curiosity, this artifact is covered with a pattern of roofing screws, old metal and an assortment of accumulations. My artifacts are objects that might have been found on a archeological site, created as a learning tool, used as something to barter, or assembled for some private ritual or ceremony.

This piece was a bit of a departure for me. First off, I didn't have any fixed idea of what type of creature I was going to make. (For the most part, I don't create a sketch or drawing of a piece ahead of time.) The elongated snout was the first piece of wood I added to the generic body. I was curious to see what might happen if a series of roofing screws were attached to the canvas. The pattern drawn in pencil on the back is still visible. A heavy staining process rusted the metal pieces which started bleeding into the fabric and wood.

Hanging down from the creature are a mix of rusted metal pieces, an old Mexican Peso, some washers used with the roofing screws, and fishing weights. The pedestal was made from an old fence that once was in my back yard.

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