Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Viral Marketing

I've been trying an experiment: to see if my work can get picked up on web sites around the world. So far two sites have run articles and images on the work. Here is the first one;

This garbage scrap buck was created by Geoffrey Gorman who clearly has a knack for making treasure from trash. His collection of recycled object fake taxidermy includes everything from deer to dogs and a whole bunch of peculiar, unidentifiable creatures If you were going to make art from found objects, would you make fake taxidermy? I know I would, after being inspired by the creations in the cluster below.

Here is the link to the site: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/eco-taxidermy-geoffrey-gorman


  1. Geoffrey, thanks so much for the tele-seminar with Ariane Goodwin. Your comments, insight and experience you shared have given me new energy and avenues to investigate.