Friday, January 23, 2009

Jane Sauer Gallery

Soseum, a small monkey, is part of a series of animals that have escaped from a traveling carnival show. Soseum has been on his own for quite some time, thus elements have weathered him. His coat, a torn piece of the carnival banner, is still usable but stained and worn. (His name can barely seen seen.) Attached to his arm is his old metal name plate, something he removed from his cage. Clutched in one hand he holds an old toy, possibly a part of a roller skate.

He is quite perky and enjoying his freedom. Living in the wilds, he has managed to find several other creatures that, like him, have escaped from the human world.

Steel wool makes up his fur. Rusted blue tin was used to construct his face and old fencing and branches were used to build his arms, legs and tail. Painted canvas and grommets were used to make his skin and coat. A rusted handle from an old paint can clings to his leg.

Wood/cloth/foam/metal/found objects
30" x 18" x 8"

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  1. Wow! I found your blog through Robyn at art propelled. Your work is amazing. And I love Soseum. His face and construction is just genius.